Arshiya-owned and operated rail infrastructure gives unprecedented advantages for transport of cargo throughout the country

Arshiya's dedicated rakes

  • Dedicated rakes: Dedicated and customized rakes designed for specific client requirements allow efficient movement of large cargo between terminals, hubs and warehouses, based on fixed commitment volumes. This facility benefits large manufacturing plants/organizations operating in industry sectors such as iron and steel, cement, metals, alloys, etc.
  • Choice of schedule: Customers have the flexibility to choose their own freight schedule as per their business requirement
  • Fixed schedule services: A point-to-point 'fixed' schedule rail freight service benefits customers with light loads, who want predictable departure. Connecting major metro cities, the service operates on a fixed departure and arrival schedule
  • Integrated infrastructure and connectivity: Arshiya’s Free Trade Warehousing Zones and the Inland Container Depot (Khurja) are connected to the rest of the country along with major gateway ports through an integrated rail freight network and unified supply chain solutions, which provide pan-India reach
  • Customized containers: This facility enables customers to enjoy smooth de-bottlenecked operations, leading to higher efficiency, lower overheads and faster turnaround times
  • Cargo tracking: Transparent tracking of cargo throughout the various stages of movement ensures constant updates for timely decisions
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