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    Arshiya's FTWZs provide unparalleled advantages for all logistics operations

    Arshiya's warehouses Massive storage space Temperature-controlled warehouses


    • Ease of starting EXIM business in Indian FTWZ by foreign entities
    • Income tax – Exemption on re-export of imported goods
    • Flexibility of transactions in any free convertible currency
    • Deferment of Custom duties / GST for Longer periods
    • Exemption from Stamp Duty which is chargeable on imported cargo
    • Retain 100% Foreign Exchange receipts in Foreign Currency account
    • Facility for undertaking Value added services
    • In house Customs Clearance and Bank facility for temporary removal / Sale within FTWZ
    • Freedom from Demurrage, Detention & Interest cost


    • 24x7 on-site customs clearance and ancillary services.
    • Value added services viz. pick/pack, labeling, testing, etc.
    • For international customers, availability of their stocks for Indian Sub-con /South East Asia.
    • Eight lane entry and exit area for customs checking to prevent traffic bottleneck.
    • Uninterrupted operations
    • A single point contact is provided to coordinate for all FTWZ activities.    


    • Warehouses of 13meter height with G+ 6 palletized racking systems; 8000 plus container stocking capacity.
    • State-of-the-art container and cargo yards.
    • Robust internal road network capable of handling high traffic
    • Huge consolidation hub for export
    • Integrated building management system and central operations control center.
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