Chief Strategy Officer
Ananya Mittal

As Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Ananya Mittal has been instrumental in shaping the Group’s strategy and aligning it with the future business landscape.

He is a Mechanical Engineer from Brown University (USA). He has had an extensive internship with Nomura Securities, London and has gained deep understanding of the Logistics Infrastructure and Supply-Chain sector.

His role is to ensure that the organization has a strategic road map for the near, medium and long term. He also spearheads Business Development and Operational role for the Group’s Verticals, which leverages the company’s core strength in Logistics Infrastructure and Services.

Since joining Arshiya in 2012, Mr. Ananya Mittal has been focused on accelerating the Group’s growth and creating key differentiators that generate significant and measurable value propositions for Arshiya Customers.

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